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APA Hotel Shinjuku Kabukicho Tower

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Shinjuku Washington Hotel Tokyo

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Shinagawa Prince Hotel

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From $144 AUD
Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo follows its culture enthusiastically, but it also embraces the changes happening in the international community. If you’re in Tokyo, don’t forget to visit the Akihabara district and see what the electronics industry can offer. From small stalls to big name shops, you can see all kinds of interesting gadgets and appliances here.
Your must-visit list should also include the Gokoku Temple. Built by the 5th Tokugawa shogun for his mother, the Gokoku Temple is among the last surviving Edo temples in Japan. Of course, a visit to Tokyo won’t complete without touring Kyokyo or the Imperial Palace, the permanent and official home of the Japanese royal family. The Imperial Palace is only open on December 23 (Emperor’s birthday) and January 2 (New Year’s Holiday). You can walk around the borders of the palace and see the magnificent gardens beside it. From the gardens, you can see one of the castle’s popular landmarks, the double-barreled bridge.
You should also include the Meiji Shrine in your list. This is where Empress Shoken and Emperor Meiji are enshrined, two powerful rulers who were responsible for ending the isolationist stance of Japan from the rest of the world. The shrine was built in 1920, but a large part of it was destroyed during World War II. It was reconstructed in 1958.