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Cambodia for Foodies - cheaparooms

Cambodia is renowned for its ancient temples but another highlight is the food. You’ll find unique flavours and some unusual delicacies when you visit this popular country in South East Asia. Read on for a lowdown on the foodie specialties in Cambodia.
Run Amok

Amok is the flavouring used in many dishes and you’ll find chicken or fish amok on most menus. It’s a blend of Kaffir lime leaf, ginger, galangal, pepper, turmeric and coriander seed. The curry is often made with coconut milk and is a delicious flavour. Another spice for foodies is Kampot pepper, a local specialty beloved by Parisian chefs. In Cambodia you can snap up the spice very cheaply.

Dice with danger

Walk round any Cambodian market and you’ll see some interesting takeaways and snacks. For a daring and unusual meal check out the fried crickets found on street food stalls. And if you want to be really bold why not go the whole way and bite on a deep fried tarantula. They do have a distinctive crunch after being in the wok.

Give something back

Cambodia has suffered years of civil war and now has some wonderful social projects. You’ll find restaurants where the staff come from disadvantaged backgrounds and are being give training in the hospitality industry. Friends Restaurant in Phnom Penh is one of the best and has a very tempting menu.

Learn to cook

One of the best ways of talking about your holiday is to cook a local meal for friends. You’ll find cookery schools in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh where you’ll buy the fresh ingredients and then learn to cook typical Cambodian dishes. Whilst I can’t promise you’ll learn to cook a tarantula, you’ll go away with a repertoire of good recipes to try out back home.

Cambodia’s foodie highlights are not to be missed. Go taste something different when you visit the country.

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