Foodie Highlights in Verona

Foodie Highlights in Verona

Known for romance and Opera, Verona is a wonderful place to go for a weekend or city break. There is a lot more to Verona than Romeo and Juliet and visitors will love the thriving foodie scene. Here’s what to look out for on the menu in Verona.

Donkey Rules

In Verona the donkey is a top delicacy. The tradition dates from the Barbarian period when the locals resorted to eating horse and donkey and loved it so much that the tradition continues today. If you are planning on trying the delicacy then check out asino on the menu which means donkey. One of the popular pasta dishes is Donkey Ragu. Look closer in the deli’s and you’ll see donkey salami which is a definite talking point at picnics.

Taste the cakes

Verona has some wonderful pastry and cake shops which are definitely worth a visit. Many are flavoured with wine and fruits. Pandoro is the specialty of Verona and mainly seen at Christmas time. Don’t forget to check out the gelato shops where you’ll find just about every flavour of ice cream imaginable.

Go Wine tasting

Verona is right in the midst of the famous Veneto wine growing region. Take a tour of the vineyards and you’ll come across Soave, Valpolicella and also the Bardolino wines. Prosecco is produced north of Verona in the Treviso area and is another famous product from this region.

Taste Polenta

Whilst most people associate Italy with pasta the area around Verona is famed for its risotto and polenta. This is a popular rice growing area and you’ll typically find some delicious creamy risottos on the menus in restaurants. Polenta is a corn flour based dish and you’ll see it served with meat and fish in Verona.

Verona is full of foodie surprises and delicacies just waiting to be discovered by visitors.

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