Travelers Guide to Sydney Australia


Sydney is a first-class multicultural city, which offers visitors unique experiences, in a setting which is underpinned by fine examples of rich colonial architecture, interspersed with stunning parks, beaches and the architectural splendour of world-famous structures, including the understated, but beautiful Sydney Opera House and iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The city is also one of the foodie capitals of the world, thanks to its diverse and multicultural influences which are amply reflected in its cuisine. It is located within close proximity to the Blue Mountains – a World Heritage Site which is adorned with natural beauty.

Sydney is an iconic city which was discovered over 200 years ago. Interestingly, Australia’s first people – the Aborigines, were in the area between 40,000 and 60,000 years ago and the culture and history is an integral part of the fabric of Australia. The are some fantastic opportunities to learn about the first people and immerse yourself in the heritage and traditions of one of the oldest and continuous living peoples in the world.

Things To Do

bondi beach - cheaparooms

Bondi Beach

The beauty of Sydney lies in its ability to blend beautiful parks and areas of tranquillity, with stunning beaches, including Bondi and Manly beaches. There are plenty of areas which offer peace and respite from the city, such as the Botanical and Gardens and Hyde Park. Ferries connect both sides of the city, and are an excellent way to get a taste of harbour life – however walking through popular areas such as the Rocks, and Circular Quay offers a different perspective. The Rocks area is full of heritage and colonial structures, including Cadman’s Cottage – a great example of Colonial architecture. The heritage of this area, stretches back thousands of years ago, with evidence to suggest that the first people regularly fished from the rocks near to where the Harbour Bridge stands today. Taronga Zoo, showcases a wide variety of animals, including the iconic Koala Bear and Kangaroos – you may be lucky enough to see these animals in their natural surroundings, particularly if visiting the Blue Mountains.

The food in Sydney is world renowned – seafood is in natural abundance and the influences from Asian and European cuisines, is evident on every street corner. From stunning Greek and Italian food, to Lebanese and robust traditional fare, such as steak, eating in Sydney is pleasurable, and there are plenty of places to sample the delights that Sydney has to offer.

There are several events throughout the year in Sydney and include events in China Town, the Film Festival and Vivid Sydney – a particularly beautiful, festival of light. Shopping in Sydney is varied and includes big name department stores and several markets, including Paddy’s market.

vivid sydney - cheaparooms

Vivid Festival Sydney

Planning A Trip

Sydney offers a sub-tropical climate which means the temperatures are pleasant throughout the year. The summer months, between December and February, can get particularly hot with temperatures often reaching the mid thirties, however the harbour breezes temper the heat, offering some respite. The cooler months between April and August are attractive to those who may want to avoid the heat.

Sydney’s Kingsford Smith Airport, is a major hub and most airlines will fly there directly. Getting from the airport to the city, is refreshingly easy – the train will take you to Circular Quay in fifteen minutes, whilst a taxi, will cost significantly more and will set you back around thirty minutes. There are plenty of hotels in Sydney to choose from with the more popular options being around darling harbour.

All visitors will require a holiday visa, which must be obtained electronically in advance. Many travel agents will offer this service as part of the booking, however you can obtain this yourself, online and pay the small fee.

There are so many things to do in Sydney, however you should include the most iconic sights and plan to visit one of the many art galleries which house fantastic examples of Aboriginal art and perhaps consider a tour of the city – Circular Quay have tourist information desks which can provide you with advice and information on tours, and free maps. One highly recommended activity is to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge during sunset, or sunrise and many people will love visiting the Sydney Aquarium.

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